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Does Duct Cleaning Really Help Get Rid of Dust?

When it’s done right, a professional duct cleaning will effectively remove dust from every surface inside your ducts. However, the effect is not permanent. As long as you’re using your forced-air heating or cooling system, the ducts will continue to accumulate dust as before.

Dust is a fact of life. You’ll never banish it from your house completely, no matter how often or thoroughly you clean your house. The same goes for duct cleaning.

The good news is, most of the dust inside your ducts sticks to the surface. It doesn’t all end up in your living space. That’s why we don’t recommend duct cleaning more frequently than every few years.




Why It’s Important to Keep Both Air Ducts and Dryer Vents Clean

  1. Safety:

    It is very important to check and clean air ducts and dryer vents often because if they become contaminated, it can be hazardous to the health. One of the most common home fire risks is due to dirty dryer vents full of lint that can ignite.

  2. Health:

    Not cleaning your air ducts and dryer can increase the presence of dust on surfaces, but also the presence of bacteria and mold which can lead to illness and disease. Polluted indoor air is one of the most commonly encountered environmental health risks. In a residence or building with well-cleaned air ducts, you are sure that the air you breathe in is cleaner than that on the outside which is good for your respiratory system and your overall health.

  3. Smell:

    Dust and debris are not harmful but when they come together and mix with moisture, they give out a bad odor. Have you ever wondered why some old houses and offices smell musty? It is because most of these homes and offices haven’t cleaned their air ducts as required. Professionally clean your air ducts and dryer vents to ensure a nice and pure smell in your home.

  4. Performance:

    When using your air ducts and dryer vents for a very long time without cleaning them and they break down, it could lead to a serious fault. The repair could be very expensive. Also, do you know that dirty air ducts and dryer vents reduce the efficiency of the HVAC and clothes dryer, which will lead to expensive power bills?


Air Duct Sanitizing

What is Air Duct Sanitizing?

Air duct sanitizing usually goes along with a cleaning procedure and costs extra money. The cleaning process involves the removal of solid waste such as dirt, dust, and other items. After the removal of all waste material, technicians sanitize the entire system. It’s an advanced step to eliminate bacteria, germs, and microbes along with mold spores and some viruses. Once the sanitization is done, the air within your home becomes safe for you and your family members to breathe in.

How Do Professionals Sanitize Ducts?

If some of you are thinking as to how are air ducts sanitized? The answer is very simple. It involves the use of sanitizers (sprays, liquids etc.) that clear out bacterial and mold growths. The chemical is applied to the entire length of the ducts by fogging method. After application, it’s allowed to dry out. In the end, you have germ-free ducts.

When Should You Choose the Air Duct Sanitizing Service?

The first thing you should know, sanitizing isn’t necessary after each duct cleaning! Are you wondering when sanitizing of air ducts is a necessary step? Sanitization is the first choice when ducts are covered with mold, after water leaks in your air duct system or water damage. Likewise, if sewage water leaked into the duct then there are high chances that it has unwanted micro-organisms which need to be removed. Under such circumstances, sanitizing is the best option to remove all sorts of viruses and bacteria from house ducts and vents. It’s not possible to perform sanitization yourself so hiring external help is a must.

Is Air Duct Sanitizing Worth It?

A clean and sanitized air ductwork is much better than a contaminated one. If someone in your home has allergies or the problem of asthma, then duct cleaning service with sanitizing option is a must. Without having your home’s heating and cooling ducts sanitized, your allergies could act up. Even if there are no such health issues with anyone in your home, you should still consider having them cleaned and sanitized because it’s a healthier choice. By sanitizing your systems you can:


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