Sump Pumps

A sump pump is usually located in the basement of most homes. It is used to remove water that may accumulate in a water-collecting sump basin, preventing your home from being flooded due to heavy rainfalls, rapidly melting snow or rising waters. Power outage? No worries! Brandon Heating and Plumbing offers battery backup sump pumps to perform in the case of an outage.

A sump pump moves water from your basement and out of your home, therefore saving you money and unnecessary stress related to water damage, making it an integral part of your home.

Even if your home does not get flooded, excess moisture can cause mold build-up and increase the risk for upper respiratory infections, allergic reactions and asthma complications.

If your sump pump is older than ten years, making loud noises or cycling irregularly, it is likely time for a replacement. Sump pumps may fail for several reasons, such as poor installation, mechanical, electrical or lifespan errors.

Having your sump pump professionally installed and maintained will provide you with a reliable and cost-effective pump. The amount of maintenance your sump pump may require will depend on how often it is being used; it may need occasional repair.

Keeping an eye on your pump and scheduling regular maintenance appointments will keep it running better and longer. Enlisting a professional to inspect and help maintain your sump pump is one of the best things you can do for your home, the health of your family and your wallet.